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LUXE+ REPLENISHMENT KIT (for LUXE+ with Monthly Refills)

4-Week Refill of Edges + PREFLASH

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The Essentials Refill Kit includes everything you need to maintain smooth, glowing, fuzz-free skin. Use a fresh Edge every time you Flash!

  • PREFLASH® to prep skin for effortless exfoliation
  • MICROFINE EDGES™ for ultimate precision, comfort + safety. Made with 100% PCR materials.
  • Compatible with all LUXE/ONE devices
  • Includes  PREFLASH® Cleanser (0.33 fl. oz.) and 4 single-use Edges
LUXE+ REPLENISHMENT KIT (for LUXE+ with Monthly Refills)
Pick a Treatments:


Yes! PREFLASH is part of your Refill Kit because it’s an essential prep step for a perfect Flash every time. The deep cleansing formula provides maximum removal of surface oil, so peach fuzz stands up straight for effortless removal. It also makes skin more taut, so your device glides effortlessly over skin.

No, we do not recommend using PREFLASH daily. Because PREFLASH is specifically formulated for maximum oil removal, daily use could potentially dry out skin. Using it 1x per week before you Flash will provide optimal results.

No, they can’t be purchased separately. LUXE+ Refill Kits come with either a 4-week or 12-week refillof Microfine Edges™ and PREFLASH® Essential Skin Prep, to give you everything you need for your weekly Flash.

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