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Dermaflash Luxe

Exfoliation Device


Anti-Aging, Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal Device

Color: Icy Pink


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Professional grade dermaplaning treatment, at-home.

Get all the benefits of a professional dermaplaning spa treatment – in the comfort and safety of your home. Powered by Sonic Edge Technology and equipped with two exfoliating speeds, DERMAFLASH LUXE puts the power in your hands to customize your treatment - for visible, long term, anti-aging results.

After selecting the Gentle or Enhanced Speed, glide over the face to remove the oldest layer of dead skin cells, dull built up debris, and peach fuzz.

Instantly: Skin is refreshed, radiant and fuzz free, ready to deeply absorb skincare actives.

After one month: Fine lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced.

Proven Results

100% of women instantly saw radiant, glowing skin

90% of women saw an improvement in tone and texture with continued use

76% of women had a clinically significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in just 4 weeks

Clinically proven that hair WILL NOT grow back faster or thicker.

• Sweeps away dead skin cells and built up debris

• Painlessly removes peach fuzz

• Instantly reveal smooth, glowing skin

• Creates a flawless canvas for makeup application

• CLINICALLY PROVEN to significantly improve radiance, skin tone, and texture

• Allows skincare to absorb more deeply and effectively

• CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce the appearance of wrinkles after 4 weeks

• Gentle and safe for all ages, ethnicities, skin tones and types, even sensitive skin.

• Rechargeable

• DERMAFLASH LUXE Device in a Waterproof Silicone Finish

• Charging Cord

• Charging Base

• THE ESSENTIALS 4-Week Treatment Kit: 4 Single Use Exfoliating Edges, PREFLASH Cleanser (10 mL), POSTFLASH Moisturizer (10 mL)

100% of women
saw radiant
glowing skin.
In 30 Days
76% of women
had a significant
reduction in wrinkles.
Results will vary.

The LUXE Difference

With a second speed for enhanced exfoliation and a beautiful silicone finish, LUXE is THE magic wand used by A-List celebs and their makeup artists to instantly reveal a red carpet-ready complexion.

Cleanse skin with the
essential first step
Using short, feathery
strokes, glide
over entire face
Massage into skin
after Flashing to
soother and hydrate
You won't
grow a beard
We Promise
"Your peach fuzz will grow back exactly
as it was before you Flashed. NO thicker,
NO darker, NO different."
- Dr. Ariza Ortiz, Dermatologist
Sonic Edge Technology click here to play video
For illustrative purposes only
of women immediately
saw radiant,
glowing skin
of women had a significant
reduction in wrinkles after
4 weeks