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Dermapore 101


What is Sonic Pore Extraction?

This deep-cleaning treatment uses powerful sonic wave technology to remove dirt, oil and blackheads safely and gently.


Clinically Proven Results

2-in-1 design to unclog + infuse

Custom, curved spatula for comfortable extraction

  • Deeply cleans + unclogs pores
  • Removes dirt, oil + blackheads
  • Makes pores look smaller, tighter
  • Helps reduce breakouts
  • Boosts penetration of skincare
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Pore Myths: DEBUNKED

#1 MYTH: Face Washing Is Enough

Ultrasonic pore extraction removes dirt, oil and blackheads that surface cleansers can’t always reach.

#2 MYTH: Pore Extractions Hurt

Unlike traditional hands-on extractions, ultrasonic pore extraction is painless and non-irritating!

#3 MYTH: Big Pores Can’t be Changed

Pore size is genetic. However, unclogging pores makes them look smaller and tighter.


How it Works

DERMAPORE utilizes ultrasonic waves at 33,000 Hz per second to loosen dirt, oil and blackheads. Its rounded, stainless-steel spatula glides over skin gently extracting pore-clogging debris. A separate Infuse Mode enhances penetration of skincare actives. Bottom Line: Pores look smaller. Skin looks clearer and healthier.

I am in love with this product! I have been using this for several months and it has effectively cleaned out the gunk from my pores, left my face feeling smooth, and left my pores smaller. Every time I use this, I feel like I have a brand new, fresh face.

— Safs

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Because pore size is genetic, nothing can physically “shrink” them, but DERMAPORE ultrasonic extraction can make them look a lot smaller. Think of your pore as a brown paper lunch bag. When the bag’s empty, it’s opening is tight and barely visible. But when the bag is full, the opening is stretched out and looks huge. Pores are the same—empty out the junk and they’ll look tighter and less visible. ​

Unlike old-fashioned manual pore extractions that leave your skin red, irritated and potentially scarred, our ultrasonic pore technology is gentle and non-irritating. Ultrasonic waves at 33,000 hertz per second help loosen pore clogs and push them out without damaging the pore wall. This means clearer-looking skin instantly with zero downtime.

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