Reveal Radiant, Glowing Skin


Transform your skin with clinically proven sonic devices and treatments.
Blush | Model showing a line of peach fuzz + dead skin removed after using LUXE+ BlushBlush | LUXE+ Sonic Dermaplaning device in Blush
Sonic Dermaplaning & Peach Fuzz Removal Set
Stone | Model using DERMAPORE+ in Stone on her nose Stone | DERMAPORE+ device in Stone


Ultrasonic Pore Extractor + Skincare Infuser Set
Model applying BOTANICAL KETOACID TONER to her face with a cotton pad BOTANICAL KETOACID TONER Bottle with “Resurface + Balance” as featured benefits
Non-Irritating Daily Exfoliator
Model applying ACTIVE COCOONING SERUM to her face with her fingertips HYDRAFLASH COCOONING SERUM™
Smoothing + Firming Serum
Model using the DERMAPORE+ device in Stone on his cheek DERMAPORE+ PREP MIST
Decongesting + Soothing Face Mist
Blush | Image Alt hereBlush | Image Alt here
Sonic Touch-Up Wand


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Blush | Image Alt hereBlush | Image Alt here
De-Flake, De-Fuzz And Extend Your Glow
$309 $232
Stone | testStone | test
Treat Yourself To The Ultimate At-Home Facial
$408 $306
Sea Foam | testSea Foam | test
Exfoliate, De-Fuzz + Unclog Pores
$298 $224
Pop | Image Alt herePop | Image Alt here
Unclog Pores And Boost Radiance
$209 $157
Blush | Image of model using LUXE+ on her cheek to remove peach fuzzBlush | Image of LUXE+ device in Blush and Active Cocooning Serum
De-flake, de-fuzz, hydrate + brighten
$267 $200
Stone | Image of model using DERMAPORE+ to extract pores on her noseStone | Image of DERMAPORE+ in Stone and Active Cocooning Serum
Unclog Pores, Infuse, Hydrate + Brighten
$177 $133
Reduce The Look Of Pores + Fine Lines
$110 $83


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Set of 4 Microfine Edges™ in case Dermaflash : Go through Shopify and update Pascal casing and italic words Scheduled: Mar 13, 2024 at 3:15 PM to 5:00 PM, PDT
4-Week Refill of Edges + PREFLASH
Set of 12 Microfine Edges™ replenishment kit for LUXE+ in cases LUXE+ Replenishment shown with PREFLASH® Cleanser and set of 12 Microfine Edges™ refill kit
12-Week Refill of Edges + PREFLASH
Set of MINI Edges
8-Pack Refill of MINI Edges