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MINI Replenishment Edges

Refill 8-Pack for MINI


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Remove peach fuzz and flaky skin on hard-to-reach areas around your eyes, brows, nose and moustache area. DERMAFLASH MINI combines our Award-Winning Sonic Technology with a custom-designed Precision MINI Edge. It maneuvers effortlessly, painlessly removing the tiniest hairs in the tightest spots. Features a built-in, antimicrobial roller ball to refresh tired, puffy eyes instantly.

• Removes peach fuzz in hard-to-reach spots

• CLINICALLY PROVEN hair will NOT grow back faster, thicker

• Wakes up tired-looking eyes with antimicrobial roller ball

• Instant cooling and massaging action helps to DE-PUFF

• Portable, cordless device perfect for TOUCH-UPS

• Pair with DERMAFLASH LUXE for a complete, full-face dermaplaning treatment

• Gentle, safe and effective for all ages, ethnicities, skin tones and types

DERMAFLASH MINI Device, Water-Resistant, Soft-Touch Finish

• 3 Precision MINI Edges

• 1 AAA Battery

• Quick Start Guide

Results will vary.
You won't
grow a beard
We Promise
Your peach fuzz will grow back exactly
as it was before you Flashed. NO thicker,
NO darker, NO different.
- Dr. Arise Ortiz, Dermatologist