Does Pore Extraction Make Your Pores Larger?

Does Pore Extraction Make Your Pores Larger?
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We get this question a lot and we can say without a doubt, the answer is no! Performing extractions won’t change the size of your pores. We’re not sure exactly how this myth got started, but we can help you understand what really makes pores look larger—and how to get your pores looking as clean and healthy as possible! 

How is pore size determined?

First, some quick background: Pore size is primarily based on genetics. Some people have naturally smaller pores and some people have naturally large pores. (Thanks, mom and dad!)

There are other factors that can affect pore size, however. People with oily skin types—or anyone who’s going through a hormonal change like puberty—tend to have pores that look more prominent. Their sebaceous glands simply produce more oil, making clogged pores and breakouts more likely. The natural aging process can also make pores appear larger. Why? The collagen and elastin that give your skin structural support start to break down over the years, which causes pores to widen.

Sun damage can also break down collagen and elastin and cause enlarged pores—so add that to the list of reasons to wear your SPF! Last but not least, pores that have been chronically clogged with dirt, oil and debris can also become stretched out over time.

If you’re stressing out after reading that, take a deep breath! It is possible to minimize the look of pores, no matter what your age or skin type. It’s all about the right tools and the right skincare routine…

How to choose the right pore extractor for your skin type

As we mentioned, clogged pores can stretch over time, so your goal is to unclog pores and keep them free of debris. Now, there are several different types of pore extractors.

Some manual extractors use sharp pointed tips or metal loops to force out debris. Others look like tweezers for your pores, with curved tips to dig out gunk. These tools can cause significant scarring or skin damage if not used properly. 😱

Image of male model using DERMAPORE+ in Blush on his nose

Thanks to technology, there’s a safer, easier and more advanced way to unclog pores. DERMAPORE+ uses a combination of ultrasonic vibrations and ionic technology to unclog pores without damaging your

skin, making it an ideal pore extractor for sensitive skin. The ultrasonic vibrations gently loosen up dirt, oil and pore-clogging debris, and the ionically charged spatula draws out all the gunk like a magnet.

For anyone who’s tempted to pick or poke at your skin (absolutely no judgment, it happens to all of us!), an ultrasonic pore extractor can be a game-changer. It removes the risk of scarring or skin damage, and helps you keep your skin clean and healthy-looking.

How to use a pore extractor safely

Using DERMAPORE+ is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. We like to extract right after a shower, when skin is a bit more pliable due to the combination of warm water and steam.

Start by misting on a generous amount of Prep Mist, our specially formulated spray that uses pomegranate enzyme to soften clogs and help break up pore-clogging debris. (We added cornflower water, green tea and punarnava extract as well, to give your skin added refreshing, antibacterial and soothing benefits.)

Make sure your skin is thoroughly wet (not just damp), then activate Extract mode and glide the tip of the spatula over clog-prone areas like your nose and chin. The ultrasonic vibrations combined with the mist create a “water force” that gently pushes out the dirt, oil and debris trapped deep within your pores. Then, the ionically charge spatula attracts it and draws it out. You’ll see gunk build up on the spatula—kind of gross, but so satisfying!

Tips for preventing clogged pores

Now your goal is to keep your pores as clear as possible! You can use DERMAPORE+ as often as you like to unclog—just make sure to pay attention to your skin. Very oily skin types will most likely need to use it more often, while drier or more mature skin will probably need less frequent treatments.

If smaller-looking pores are on your skin wish list, you’ll also want to make sure you’re using a gentle daily exfoliant that helps you maintain your results between DERMAPORE+ treatments. An acid toner is an easy way to boost the exfoliating benefits of your ultrasonic device—but make sure to choose one that’s gentle and won’t over-exfoliate your skin. Stripping your skin can just cause it to produce more oil—which works against your goal of getting pores to look smaller!

How do you know what’s best? Choose a toner formulated with gentle exfoliating agents and soothing ingredients. Our Botanical Ketoacid Toner uses a blend of lactic, malic and encapsulated salicylic acid—plus gentle floral acids sourced from the hibiscus flower—to exfoliate without harming skin’s barrier. It’s also fortified with probiotics to help further support your skin’s microbiome.

Try this routine and we think you’ll notice a clear difference!