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Meet Dara Levy, Founder of DERMAFLASH

Dara Levy

For Dara Levy the creation of DERMAFLASH is the culmination of her love of beauty and wellness.

You know that one girl who every other girl goes to for the best of the best advice. Well, Dara was always that girl. Known as the go-to 'beauty maven' in her circle of friends, she was also generous and eager to share her discoveries. Dara took her passion for all things aesthetic to a new level when she opened a luxury medspa in Chicago's Gold Coast in 2009. Rather than just sharing what she was doing herself with other women, she decided to offer them the best of the best treatments and products all under one glam roof.

For the next five years, Dara put both her creativity and diehard passion for the best lotions and potions to work while treating some of Chicago's most famous faces with her signature treatments. One of her breakthrough treatments was called DERMAFLASH, a unique twist on the concept of dermaplaning to exfoliate the skin. Women who had visited her medspa began to write back from all over the country: "Can you recommend anyone in my area who can do that for my skin?" and her regular clients kept saying how everyone asked what they had done because their skin was glowing.


The in spa response to DERMAFLASH was so amazing that Dara had an "aha moment" and recognized that there was no at home solution on the market. All women want smooth skin that allows makeup to glide on, and they also want an easy, painless way to get rid of peach fuzz.

DERMAFLASH is Dara's first beauty creation, but she has more innovations in the pipeline. "I want to break new ground by giving women solutions they can use at home or on the go to address all of their beauty challenges," she says.

So she got the idea to try to replicate the premise and results of her bestselling medspa DERMAFLASH treatment in a handheld device that would be simple for anyone to use. After many rounds of brainstorming sessions, a handful of prototypes, and recruiting lots of her friends and her two daughters' friends as testers, DERMAFLASH was born.

We hope you'll join us on the journey…

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As Dara says, "With DERMAFLASH, we are able to help women achieve healthy, radiant, younger-looking skin, and control their peach fuzz at home. No matter how busy and hectic your life is, every woman can find ten minutes a week to look after her skin."