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What are the advantages of DERMAFLASH over face shaving?

Men shave, women DERMAFLASH. Men lubricate their skin to soften their beards. Men grow terminal hair on their faces, which is coarse and thick. Women grow vellus hair, which is baby fine. DERMAFLASH was designed exclusively for the sensitive skin on a woman's face. It is performed after using our specially formulated cleanser Prep that gently removes surface oil and creates a dry platform. Dead skin cells and debris lie on top of your skin, and when the oily residue is removed, DERMAFLASH can sweep away dull, lifeless cells and vellus hair more effectively.

What makes the DERMAFLASH EDGE so unique?

Inspired by the popular medspa procedure called Dermaplaning, the DERMAFLASH Edge is a proprietary element exclusive to the DERMAFLASH system. It is safe and gentle on all skin types, and effectively improves skin tone and texture without causing irritation.

How many times can I use each Edge?

Each DERMAFLASH Edge is specifically designed for single use. Each Edge will self-destruct after usage, so it cannot be reused to maintain the most sanitary conditions.

How often can I DERMAFLASH?

We recommend using it once weekly.

How long does it take to DERMAFLASH?

It takes from 5-10 minutes to perform.

Is DERMAFLASH safe for all skin types?

DERMAFLASH was designed to be safe for even the most sensitive skin. It is effective for all skin types and colors.


DERMAFLASH is designed to be a gentle, noninvasive topical treatment.

What areas can I DERMAFLASH?

We only recommend using DERMAFLASH on your forehead, cheeks and chin, always avoiding eyebrows, and your hairline.

Are there any parts of my face that I should not DERMAFLASH?

You should avoid the eyelid and eyebrow area, directly under your eyes, the lips and the nose.

Can I DERMAFLASH any facial areas more than once?

We recommend covering facial areas only one time per DERMAFLASH.

Does my face need to be dry before I DERMAFLASH?

DERMAFLASH is designed to be used after Prep on dry clean skin.

When should I DERMAFLASH?

We recommend using your DERMAFLASH system once per week as part of your nighttime routine for optimal results.

How long will it take for my system to charge?

It will take 5 hours to fully charge your system for your first DERMAFLASH.


Why is Prep important to use before DERMAFLASH?

Our Prep cleanser was specifically designed to remove excess oil and residual skincare products, leaving your skin squeaky clean. When oils and residue are present, it is more difficult to completely exfoliate the skin. Vellus hair also stands up when dry and is more easily removed.

What are the key ingredients in Soothe?

Soothe features a proprietary blend of soothing, calming botanicals, including Aloe Juice, Honey, Sunflower seed oil, Honeysuckle Flower and Crocus Bulb Extracts. These ingredients work together effectively yet gently to restore balance and hydration.

Why is Soothe important to use after DERMAFLASH?

Soothe hydrates and helps boost the skin’s natural barrier function. Soothes’ luxurious formulation glides on beautifully, leaving your skin soft and glowing. Soothe should be used immediately following DERMAFLASH. Soothe can also be used as an everyday moisturizer.

How does Edge protect my skin?

Each Edge was designed for single use to ensure optimum efficacy, safety and hygiene. Edge has a protective mesh developed to help prevent against any mishaps, nicks or cuts. Edge should be only used as directed with DERMAFLASH.

How long will my ESSENTIALS last?

ESSENTIALS last for 6 treatments.


If I use DERMAFLASH will my vellus hair grow back faster?

No, your hair will grow back at the normal rate.

If I use DERMAFLASH will my hair grow back darker?

No, your hair should grow back the same color as before.

What will my skin look like after DERMAFLASH?

You will glow as though you are lit from within. Your skin might be a little pink right after DERMAFLASH because you are stimulating your circulation.

Can I use my regular skin care products right after DERMAFLASH?

We recommend waiting 24-48 hours before applying any products containing acids (retinoic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc) to avoid any potential irritation. Feel free to apply other skin care products over Soothe.

How soon can I wear makeup after DERMAFLASH?

You can apply makeup and concealer as soon as you wish, following use of Soothe.

I have sensitive skin, but can I still use DERMAFLASH?

DERMAFLASH was designed to be a gentle treatment, but each individual’s skin type may react differently. When first using DERMAFLASH, you can try it on your hand to see how it feels. If your skin is comfortable, continue use on your face. If you experience any unexpected reaction, please immediately discontinue use.

What will happen if I accidentally drop my DERMAFLASH in water?

DERMAFLASH is not intended nor designed for use in water. It should never be used in the shower, bath or with any liquids. DERMAFLASH is neither waterproof nor water resistant. It is designed for dry use only. Immersing, submerging or rinsing in water or any other liquid immediately voids your warranty. We recommend using DERMAFLASH in a dry environment in front of a well placed mirror.

How long do I have to DERMAFLASH to see results?

The effects of DERMAFLASH are immediate. People report that they see a difference in the tone, texture and appearance of their skin with the first DERMAFLASH.

Does my DERMAFLASH have a warranty?

Your DERMAFLASH is warranted to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of one year under normal use, after its original purchase date. This warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser with original proof of purchase and only when purchased from an authorized DERMAFLASH retailer.