DermaFlash SAM  |   Skin Analysis Machine


DermaFlash SAM can detect skin problems years before any symptoms appear on the outer, visible skin layer.  Specialized bulbs can treat  certain skin conditions.


Skin Analysis Machine

The DermaFlash SAM  (Skin Analysis Machine), and PhotoSAMTM  help professionals in the skin care industry to detect normally  invisible skin conditions, customize facial skin treatments based on identified problems, and assist clients with their ongoing skin care regimen. 

Navone Engineering / DermaFlash introduce their new PhotoSAM-II System to capture incredible high quality images with the SAM-T3 or SAM-T3

Skin Analyzing Machines. Just load the PhotoSAM-II software into your IBM-PC type computer, place the PhotoSAM-II camera into the magnified viewer of the SAM, and take the photo. That's it. The special low light, high resolution camera with close-up lens will capture the UV-A florescence of your subject as a .jpg image.

Specifications: 8 Megapixel, USB Connection into IBM-PC laptop or desk computer, real-time viewing prior to capture, pre-view after capture, 1 year warranty.

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